Webinar - Achieving the technical win with virtual teams

Duration: 30 minutes

The landscape of B2B tech sales is changing rapidly. Keeping everyone aligned is more important than ever when your sales, engineering, product management teams, and prospects are all having remote interactions. The challenge for you, how do you know what is moving the needle on deals when everyone is distributed?

Join Matt Darrow, CEO and co-founder of Vivun, and members of the Vivun leadership team as they share details on how to capture the interactions and data points occurring remotely to effectively leverage your virtual workforce. Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Operate your presales team efficiently when everyone is remote
  • Gain visibility into your presales activities and their resulting outcomes
  • Replace hallway conversations with data science to communicate the technical merits of an opportunity
  • Move from meetings to a real-time exchange of information to prioritize roadmaps based on presales insights

Featured Speaker:

Matt Darrow
CEO and Co-Founder, Vivun
Matt is the CEO and co-founder of Vivun, whose flagship product Hero is the world’s first platform for presales. Hero by Vivun unlocks the strategic potential of Presales by keeping product and sales teams aligned, improving product-market fit, accelerating deals in flight and capturing dormant sources of revenue. Prior to Vivun, Matt built Zuora's (NYSE: ZUO) global presales team and ran multiple product lines during the company’s IPO run. He and the team at Vivun have 20+ years of combined presales and product experience.