Webinar - Run Sales Engineering as a Business
With Guest Speaker John Care

Duration: 50 minutes

Today, there is a push to move Sales Engineers from being masters of demonstrations, to also being masters of business, held accountable to their company’s bottom line. This change is being driven by an increased scrutiny on operational efficiency and effectiveness plus the desire to “sell” the value of the Sales Engineering organization.

To become a business-oriented Sales Engineering leader, you need to:
  • Understand what your people do and how they do it
  • Know what your customers think, what they do, and what they need
  • Have the right metrics to track revenue, costs and risks

Watch John Care, Author and Managing Director of Mastering Technical Sales and Matt Darrow, CEO and co-founder of Vivun, as they share details on how to master the business of Sales Engineering.

Featured Speakers:

John Care
Author, Speaker and Professional Skills Trainer For Presales Engineers at Mastering Technical Sales
John spent numerous years building world-class Sales Engineering organizations at companies such as Oracle, Sybase, Vantive, Clarify, HP, Business Objects and most recently Vice President and Area Manager of Presales at CA. He has a BSc with Honors in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London and is a former contributing member of the MBA Advisory Council for the Fox Business School of Temple University, Philadelphia. He has been published in such diverse media as CIO, InfoWorld, Touchline and The Wall Street Journal.

Matt Darrow
CEO and Co-Founder, Vivun
Matt is the CEO and co-founder of Vivun, whose flagship product Hero is the world’s first platform for presales. Hero by Vivun unlocks the strategic potential of Presales by keeping product and sales teams aligned, improving product-market fit, accelerating deals in flight and capturing dormant sources of revenue. Prior to Vivun, Matt built Zuora's (NYSE: ZUO) global presales team and ran multiple product lines during the company’s IPO run. He and the team at Vivun have 20+ years of combined presales and product experience.