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There's never been a platform for presales, and we're excited to show you how Vivun can unlock your team's strategic potential.

Market Foresight.
Leverage the intelligence captured by presales to inform your company's product roadmap -- ensuring that your organization delivers the features and products that impact the largest number of opportunities for the greatest possible revenue uplift.

Operational Efficiency.
Instant metrics, management, and reporting specifically designed for presales leaders. Gain clear insight into team efficiency and productivity, enabling decisions such as capacity planning and resource allocation.
Incredible workspace for your team.
No more being crammed into Salesforce. Your team has a platform that works where they work: desktop, mobile, browser extension -- one that's designed for their complex workflows. Your people get a chance to show how they impact deals.
AI-Powered Decision Making.
Let our Hero Score help you enhance your sales forecast, as well as revive old deals once product gaps are closed. Identify winning patterns in closed opportunities, then replicate them at scale. 

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