The Definitive Guide To Presales Metrics

Understand metrics that matter most and drive change within an organization.
To succeed in today’s B2B industry, leading sales organizations are using data to their advantage. The presales data set remains the most often overlooked, but yields the deepest insights.
While Sales Account Executives open doors and negotiate deals, it is the presales team who is tasked with driving the technical win — getting prospects to confirm that your technology is needed and that you have been selected as the preferred solution over all competitors.
Presales metrics tell the story of what it takes to win business and where common challenges lie across the organization when it comes to deal qualification, messaging, and even product-prospect fit.
This guide is for presales and sales leaders who want to understand how presales metrics can give them a competitive advantage. Inside, you will find the 12 most important presales metrics accompanied by illustrations, definitions, and how they can be used to drive change within your organization.

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